Top 3 Best Handheld Carpet Cleaner For Auto Detailing & Cleaning

Accidents are normal when something comes in daily use, so as for carpets. However, there is always an insecurity of getting them messy and knocking them off by some tough food blotches like wine, food, or pet marks. These spots not only leave a mark on the handheld carpet but also on the pocket.

sAs you will need to buy a new portable carpet for maintaining your interior beauty. Also, handheld carper will cost even more if done constantly. For avoiding this mess, the best solution is a handheld carpet cleaner that will be cheap in your pocket.

Portable carpet cleaners will do the job in no time and keep a mess-free environment around. The spot carpet cleaner comes with onboard cleaning solutions and built-in spray on the head of nozzles to rinse out the toughest stains from your desired product and turn it into new.

Why Choose Handheld Carpet Extractors?

There are many carpet cleaners available in the market too. Still, they are too heavy to tackle, so portable carpet cleaners are recommended to those who want to remove marks by tackling the product easily. Moreover, the handheld carpet cleaner will help you remove tough-to-light spots from your car’s portable carpet, tight spaces, cars, upholstery, and even from your mattress too.

Most extractor vacuums have two tanks that do the job (one holds fresh water or cleaning solution and the other holds the dirty water that automatically gets sucked by the machines). You can refill the water as many times as required. Although the upholstery cleaner is efficient.

Still, there is a wide range available in the market and online shops which make it impossible for one to select the right product. So, here in this article, I will be covering that detailed review and top picks upholstery spot cleaner variations that will help you in making the right decision. Let’s get in:

Top 3 Best Handheld Carpet Cleaners

Following are some of the best hand-held carpet cleaners that used by us and performed well for a long time.

Bissell Spot Clean Pro Heat

Key Features

  • Is incredible for deep cleaning purposes.
  • Comprises a superior suction ability.
  • Comes with a Pet pro-Oxy urine eliminator.
  • Offers you professional cleaning results.

Spot clean pro heat is an excellent hot water extractor. It has strong features that allow one to cleanse up accumulated debris and remove the pet mess. Whether it is puke or poop, this handheld carpet cleaner will ensure that it provides you excellent and fully responded results.

This amazing upholstery spot cleaner has a tank capacity of about 37 ounces, which will allow you to fill it up with fresh water and run through the surfaces. Without any need to cross the water again and again on the surfaces.

Moreover, Spot pro heat portable carpet cleaner has a 3 inches stain cleaner tool for making the cleaning part easier. This classy carpet cleaner will easily unstained out the stairs, carpet, upholstery, cars, and furniture.

The heatwave technology used in these compact models ensures that it provides a suitable and consistent temperature throughout the cleaning. The portable hot water carpet cleaner has a deep-reach tool that removes all the encapsulated mud and grime from the surface and makes the surface new.

Further, the water tank is removable and easily gets out, making filling and draining of water easy.  Overall, this amazing upholstery spot cleaner is a wise choice to make and your life easy.

bissell spot clean pro

Our Likes

  • Easy to carry.
  • Reliable to use.
  • Cleans toughest stains.
  • Has deep stain tool available.

Our Dislikes

  • No powered brush included.

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Power Brush

Key Features

  • Comprises rotating dirt lifter power brush.
  • It is a cordless cleaner with a lithium battery
  • Instant stain removal is there.
  • OXY formula is present in the box.

Not everything depends on the price but is dependent on the quality. BISSELL took that seriously and produced the best quality portable carpet cleaner throughout its journey. The same is the case with Pet Stain Eraser Power Brush.

This high-duty handheld carpet cleaner proves to be incredible in impressing you but the outcome is. You know what? The best part of it is a rotating dirt lifter. Bissell Pet smudge cleaner removes the toughest spots and stains with zero to minimal effort.

The unique element is this stain cleaner sustains all the deep dirt and turns the surface new. In addition, having a power rating of about 7.2v provides excellent removing capability.

Moreover, in this handheld carpet cleaner, there is a cordless machine with a lithium-ion battery with an extended run time. It has an OXY formula that removes tough messes. Dirt, spill, and pop easily and instantly. Further discussing, it has a built-in ready-to-use formula that requires no water, so you can store the formula in the machine and upright it when required.

Also, this Bissell cleaner has bonus tools available that will act as carpet cleaners easily. Overall, the Bissell pets cleaning solution has perfect suction, filter as well as carpeting abilities. You can find this product online or at some store.

Our Likes

  • Cordless convenience.
  • Removes stains easily and instantly
  • Tackle the areas that are hard to clean.
  • Comes with Bissell pro-OXY solution.

Our Dislikes

  • It has no onboard hose available.

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner

Key Features

  • Comes with a long hose.
  • A built-in Flush hose to clean dirt automatically.
  • Has multiple uses other than carpet cleaning.
  • Comprises dual tanks for clean and dirty water.
  • Is super to clean.

If you are looking for some upholstery spot cleaner that can also help you out in getting rid of wet spills, spots, and stains. You can definitely rely on Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner.

This amazing vacuum is not only good for wet stains but you can also get rid of accumulated debris and dirt. The reason for the popularity of this tool is that it helps you out in the deep cleaning process. You can easily scrub and remove pet hairs, stains, and spills.

Along with that, this handheld carpet cleaner has a long 5ft hose. So, you can cover every unreachable spot in the room easily. It comprises self-cleaning technology, so this cleaner flushes the hose after every single time usage.

You will never have to worry about bacteria and debris. Furthermore, there is a dual tank in which one is for clean water and the other for dirty one. One can refill these tanks and remove dirty water easily. Also, there is a rubber nub tool, expert preheats gel, trial size solution, and expert clean present in the box.

Lastly, you will also notice an antimicrobial multipurpose tool which was my favorite feature while using this carpet cleaner. This feature protects your tool against molds, dirt, bacteria, and mildew. So, your tool will be saved against the formation of these harms.

Warranty Attached:

Hoover Portable Carpet Cleaner comes with an amazing warranty of about 2 years. So, if you receive the product in a damaged position or if it stops working lately. You can easily get your carpet cleaner exchanged for the new one.

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet Cleaner

Our Likes

  • Is lightweight and portable.
  • Perfect for cleaning deep spots.
  • Comprises two tanks.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Our Dislikes

  • A little pricey.

Comparison Of Bissell Spot Clean Pro Heat and Pet Stain Eraser


Although these both products have different features, capability and give excellent results. But both of them have some plus points. That the other is lagging and is used depending on your job. Let’s see the main difference between them:

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser

Bissell Spot Clean Pro Heat

It has a powered brush available that helps you out in cleaning easily.

It has no powered brush available.

Comprises no heatwave technology available.

It is a corded machine, with a limitation of cord about 15 ft.

A cordless machine with no limits can move around easily and clean whatever surface you want to be cleaned.

Comprises of heatwave technology will help the water temperature be consistent and provide a smooth cleaning.

Its tank capacity is about 8 oz.

Its tank capacity is about 37 oz.

Weights around 4.4 lbs.

Weights around 9 lbs.

1 bonus tool included

3 bonus tool included

So, it means that if you are willing to go around the different locations and clean up the mess, you can buy a pet stain eraser power brush as it is a cordless machine. However, if you want to move around with less coverage, you can buy a spot-clean pro heater.

So, it means that if you are willing to go around the different locations and scrub up the mess and sign. You can buy a pet stain eraser power brush as it is a cordless machine. However, if you want to move around with less coverage, you can buy a spot pro heater.

Why Are Steam Cleaners Not Preferred?

There are many reasons that a carpet cleaner is lagging. Like,

  • They are high-cost and damage the fabric from where it is used.
  • Handheld carpet cleaner comprises heating elements that force the hot water through the pressurized nozzle, letting the room look decent.
  • Steam carpet cleaners help one lift remove stains from the fabric, and then you can easily wipe them off using some cloth or towel (sometimes a wand is attached for this purpose).
  • These carpet cleaners don’t use any cleaning formula, so they don’t soak the fabric. However, they use an alternative to drain out the extractions for rugs and furniture.
  • Some famous steam cleaners like Wanger 915 and McCulloch MC1275, when tested spread the sign around instead of draining them out. As a result, they seriously damaged the sofa and didn’t remove any stains. Moreover, they tend to dull the color of the sofa and lead to more mess in the house.

All the sum in that handheld carpet cleaner titled as multipurpose cleaners does the reverse job. However, the manufacturer claims they can be used on carpet and upholstery to remove debris and bacteria, but they can’t.

If they try them out on some hard material like tiles, hardwood, stovetops, grills, shower stalls, and shoes, they might do the job and polish them.

Which Portable Carpet Cleaner Is Preferred For Auto Detailing?

For auto detailing, the spot clean pro heat model is recommended as it is a cordless machine having powerful suction. Therefore this handheld carpet cleaner has no limit to be comprised. You can do the auto cleaning job easily and comfortably without the fear of being limited by the cord.

You can wash the interior carpet, upholstery, and seats. In short, you can easily scrub up the mess in your car. Moreover, this handheld carpet cleaner is lightweight. So it will be easy for you to hold it up and immaculate the interior without making your hands tired.

Plus Sport clean pro handheld carpet cleaner has powered brushes that will boost the cleaning procedure and add 10x shine to the surfaces. The OXY solution combined with the spot cleaner will rinse out even the toughest sign from the car.

No matter if those stains are puke or splashing of coffee in the car, the carpet cleaner will simply drain them all out without any extra effort. 

How To Use Bissell Handheld Carpet Cleaner?

For using Bissell Handheld carpet cleaner you need to follow some enlisted steps. So,

  • Fill your water tank with a clean water solution.
  • Now, from the grip hose basket, you need to release the hose.
  • Select and attach the desired tool attachment for cleaning.
  • Twist the cord release wrap clockwise to unwrap the cord fully.
  • Now, plug in the cleaner and press the power button beneath the handle to start.
  • Firstly, you should clean the heavily stained or muddy areas.
  • Spray the affected area and wait about 2-3 minutes. Now, hold the stain tool 3 inches above the carpet.
  • Press the trigger slowly, you will notice that the solution has started cleaning the carpet.
  • You need to press the trigger against the direction of the stain. To clean the stain fully you have to apply pressure downward.

Finally, you can use dry strokes to completely dry the rug area.

Can You Use Bissell Carpet Cleaner On Area Rugs?

BISSELL’s Big green carpet machine is perfect to be used for deep cleaning rugs. All you have to do is to just make sure that your rugs have the right solid backing present on the rugs before starting to clean them.

The best thing about this Big green carpet machine is that it extracts out dirt, accumulated debris, bacteria, heavy grease, and grim. In the end, it leaves your carpet and rug in a shining and clean position. Plus, Bissell’s big green carpet cleaner is super reliable and easy to use.

If you want to cleanse your hard floors, furniture, sidewalks, and area rugs you can definitely rely on this incredible machine. Ensure to brush it all in no time.

What People Asked (FAQs)

Is It Necessary To Clean Vaccum Cleaner Tank?

Yes, it is, as you need to have proper airflow running through the ample. Also, you need to keep the canister and the filter of the carpet cleaner clean to get efficient results. Maintaining and cleaning of vacuum should be your priority before cleaning carpets.

How much does it cost to rent a carpet cleaner?

To rent a full-sized carpet cleaner you need to pay about $30 per day. Also, this price can vary on different factors like area, rental company, and usage. As one doesn’t want to spend that much amount per day. So, it’s better to own your own handheld carpet cleaner.

Can I use a steam cleaner to clean my carpets?

Yes, you can, steam cleaners help you to clean the carpets with the help of hot water. So, you fill the hot water in the reservoir then you fix the nozzle with the tube. Finally, you start running the cleaner on your carpets back and forth.

Can you use upright carpet cleaner in handheld?

No, it is not recommended to use any upright carpet cleaner in any portable carpet cleaner. You need to use portable carpet cleaning formula. As this formula will allow you to deep clean your carpet as compared to any upright formula.

Can you use laundry detergent in a carpet cleaner?

Yes, you can it is not a hard and fast rule to use carpet-cleaning shampoos only. Laundry detergents also do the cleaning job perfectly. In fact, this is the best alternative one can use in place of carpet shampoos.

Final Closure

Simply take a look at your needs, know your requirements before buying any product, and then decide accordingly. The products discussed in the article are both different, covering different types of jobs and providing you with different features and results.

Also, these both come with different materials and combinations. These products are highly rated and add meaning to your usage; they are cheap and worth it. I have tried my best to get you through the functionality of both products.

At the same time, I am discussing the difference, reviews, and pros of one over the other, and leggings. But still, if you have some confusion feel free to contact me and ask away as I am always here to assist you on any part of the day. Just drop a comment or message me. Thanks for giving it a read.