Best Ways To Clean Car Upholstery: Quick Tips  

When you own a car, you come across many tough challenges that destroy the car’s exterior and interior. However, most people focus only on cleaning and securing the car’s exterior and forget about the interior. But I want to tell you that cleaning upholstery is as important as cleaning your house.

If you ignore it, you might end up getting a messy car. You will then face the consequences like lousy odor, dirt, injection, and other health hazards. So let’s forget about the danger and focus on the solution. There are many different ways to clean the monastery upholstery of the car. But we are here to discuss artificial and natural ways of training with easy tips and tricks. Let’s get to the point without wasting any further time.

Ways To Clean Car Upholstery

They are mainly two ways to get cleaning car upholstery:

  • Commercial car cleaners.
  •  Natural DIYs.

Commercial Car Cleaners

commercial car cleaner vaccum

If you are planning to reduce effort, you can simply give a hit to readymade products and cleaners present in the market. Many different cleaners help you out and reduce your struggle.

  • While working with any power wash car seat. Firstly start by putting the cleaner in an inconspicuous area of the car. See if there is any color Fadness. Also, you will get an idea about any irrational product color.
  • Keep in mind that every cleaner acts differently. So you need to read out for the directions, chemicals used in that product, and reaction of the product. Be sure about the results before moving toward applying the product to the whole car seat.
  • Also, notice that applying and washing the product isn’t helping get the desired results; you can buy a detailed brush. This brush will help you stir the cleaner while working with the seats. Also, you can get deep penetration into a particular area.

Natural DIYs

Let me help you with efficient homemade car upholstery cleaners. There are two types of car seats in general.

For Fabric Seats

  • Baking Soda/Vinger.
  • Warm water.
  • Dishwasher.
  • A toothbrush.
  • Cloth.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Startup by mixing warm water with vinegar or baking soda.
  • You can mix it in the dishwasher to enhance the cleaning effect.
  • Push the liquid into a vacant spray bottle.
  • Spray the liquid on the seat. Let it absorb for about 2,3 minutes.
  • Now, take a toothbrush and start massaging the seat.
  • You can add more liquid when you notice that the seat has started cleaning.
  • Proceed until you get desired results.
  • Clean it off with a cloth or towel.
  • You are done.

For Leather Seats

  • Vinegar.
  • Olive oil.
  • Lemon.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Spare towels/ cloth.
  • Mix vinegar, olive oil, and lemon in a bowl.
  • Push the liquid into the spray bottle.
  • Spray the dirty area and let it set.
  • Keep brushing using the toothbrush until you see a transparent surface.
  • Now wipe down the seat.
  • Don’t push the brush so hard that the leather seat gets damaged. 

Cleaning Car’s Interior: Step Wise Guide

The most common question car owners ask is,” How recently should I clean the car?”

How To Super Clean Car Seats

 Well, I would like to tell you you can approximately clean the car’s exterior after one or two weeks. This is the best timespan to save your car’s paint from harmful bugs and other chemicals. As for the interior of the car, it depends on usage. But in general, you can clean the upholstery after every month. You can wash your mats, dust off the furniture, vacuum the seats and clean any other residue or object present in the car. But take the process step-wise so that you will never get tired, and it will be easy to tackle.

Car Mats

The first step to every other is removing the mats from the car. Even before the removal of carpets, you need to remove mats. Get yourself a stiff brush and a carpet cleaner. You can use any type of carpet cleaner, but Bissell Carpet Cleaning Foam is best.

Spray the cleaner on mats, especially on more visible spots. Use a brush and apply pressure at the desired spots. You will be able to push off all the dirt, debris, and bugs quickly in no time. Now, wash the mats with water and pat a cloth to make them dry. You can also put it in sunlight to let it dry.

Car Carpet

Remove the carpets from the interior. Now vacuum the carpet by using any carpet vacuum. Now use a car upholstery brush and small nozzles. You can clean the vents and seat pockets using a brush. Please take out your Bissell carpet cleaning foam and spray it on the dirt-filled area.

To remove stains and get a pleasant smell. You can brush the cleaner effectively. Apply as much pressure as you can. Use a dryer to dry the carpet, or pat it with a towel.

Car Seats

Interior car seat cleaning is always a challenging task. But it is the most vital step in cleaning the interior of cars as it also plays an essential role in your health. By cleaning these seats, you get rid of foul odor and germs and a refreshed and enhanced interior look.

There are different types of car seats like leather, vinyl, and fabric. Let me give you cleaning methods for all. First, no matter which type of car seats you own, you need to vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. Then,

Leather Seats:

Start by rinsing seats using leather cleaning wipes. You can take any wipes of your choice. Now it’s time to use a leather cleaner and give your seat a magical look. Firstly try to test the product at some remote or un-noticeable seat area.

It’s better if you use Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner as this product has effective results over others. You can also use a soap bar to make lather for cleaning leather seats. Dab the product over the seats and let it set. After 5 minutes, remove the product with a clean cloth or towel.

Buff the seat with the cloth until the soapy material is eradicated. You can now apply any leather protectant to safeguard your seats from future stains.

Vinyl Car Seats:

For cleaning Vinyl car seats, you need to be lenient and work smoothly. Catch up with any kind of cleaner. You can also get Car Guys Super Cleaner. Now spray the cleaner over the trouble areas. Pick any brush and start rubbing the damaged part. Let it dry, and then clean the liquid with a damp cloth.

Fabric Seats:

Pick up the cleaner of your choice. Now, spray the product over the trouble areas and let it dry. You can also use any cleaning foam instead of a cleaner. Take the help of the medium stiff brush and start working over troubled areas. Apply as much pressure as possible on the severe stains. Now, let the seat dry. You can also get it dried by using a cloth or dryer.

Dashboard, Console, Panel, And Other Parts:

The dashboard is the most focused part of a car. Whenever you step in the car, the first point of notice is always the dashboard. Then comes the console, front panel, and other remaining parts. Grab a microfiber cloth, towel, or a vacuum to remove the dirt and debris from these parts.

To enhance the new look of these parts, you can take a wet towel and clean them. Once you are done with the cleaning, apply a dashboard cleaner all over the area. Now when you are all set with cleaning the interior, you can pick disinfection wipes and run them through the area.

 In the end, use an air freshener and make your car worth it.

Tips For Keeping Seats Clean For A Long Time

  • Always keep cleaning products in your car while going out. You can keep a towel, a cleaner, and an air freshener. So, spread the towel whenever you eat so that nothing falls on the seats. After then you can clean the towel.
  • While you are planning to grab a coffee or drinkable, you can buy sealed cups. So that nothing falls off.
  • Cleaning your car helps you secure the exterior and interior of the car. It also helps you in preventing any tough and permanent spots. Detailing the car as soon as you get spare time is highly recommended.
  • Use an air freshener to get rid of foul odors in the car. Always keep the air freshener in the car while going out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to clean fabric car seats?

Firstly wipe off the dirt using a vacuum. Then use a cleaner solution and apply it on dirty areas. Scrub away the dirt using a brush. Now wipe the solution away. Repeat the steps if required.

How to deep clean a car seat?

Start by cleaning car seats, dashboard, front panel, mat, carpet, and other areas. First, you must dust off the area, take the help of a cleaner and brush, rub it through the surfaces, and wipe off all the accumulated dirt. You are set with cleaning.

What is the best car upholstery cleaner?

Some of the best car cleaners are Car Guys super cleaner, blue coral upholstery cleaner, black diamond cleaner, chemical guys fabric clean carpet, upholstery cleaner, and tuff-stuff multi-purpose foam cleaner.

How to get soda out of car upholstery cleaner?

You must pick up a liquid dishwasher, a tablespoon of vinegar, and half a cup of water. Now mix the products and put them in the desired area. Rub the mixture and wait. In the end, drain the solution using a mop or clean towel.

What is a good car upholstery cleaner?

Cleaning the car’s interior, from seats to doors, mats, and dashboard, is known as car upholstery cleaning. A good cleaner will eliminate dust, allergens, dirt, debris, and germs.


Keep your car as clean as possible. You can do it by using natural or artificial products present in the market. However, your goal should always be looking out for your car. Take the help of different cleaning towels. Apply the tips enlisted above in the article to save your car seats. Hopefully, you have got my point and all. Thanks for giving it a read!