Best Way To Clean Leather Car Seats In 7 Simple Steps

Cleaning car seats, especially leather ones, is always a bit tacky. It would be best if you kept in mind a lot of things as leather gets damaged very easily. One always needs to look to retain the shine of the seat, not damaging the beauty of the leather, and not developing spots on it. However, if you do the process with proper care and the fitting instructions, you will notice the clear shine and outstanding results that leather car cleaning can bring.

So, let the magic begin. Dig deeper to know all the essential precautions and tips to start the day.

Tools & Products You Need For Cleaning

With the help of the right tools and products, you can easily clean leather car seats and let them look sleek and luxurious for years. The best thing about cleaning leather car seats is that you don’t need good money to buy premium tools or products. You will locate all the products in your home and local store. So, the products are:

  • Microfiber clothes.
  • Leather cleaner.
  • Leather conditioner.
  • A soft brush.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Water.

Steps To Process Leather Car Interior

Suppose you are a beginner with no experience with cleaning leather car seats. You need to follow all the steps line-wise. Let’s get to the treatment. So,

1. Remove Trash

Firstly you need to remove the trash from the car. You need to put out the garbage, empty cans, tissues, wrappers, cups, and all other remains. Removing the trash will help you in cleaning car seats.

Also, you will be able to get rid of dirt and grime that your pets and kid have left behind while on the drive. Doing these steps helps you out in leather cleaning cars. Also, you can do the remaining steps quickly without being disturbed.

2. Vacuum Seats

You must vacuum your seats and the defective areas to detail the car. By vacuuming, you can get rid of all the bugs, dust, dirt, and germs. If you have a brush attachment to vacuum, you can use it to deep clean your leather car seats. The best part is that you will never notice any scratches or harsh effects. Do this step carefully and slowly. Don’t rush, as you want to remove all the accumulated dirt and dust caught by your leather seats.

3. Selecting The Cleaning Product

It’s time to start working on the cleaning process. You need to have some leather cleaner for doing this step. There are a variety of leather cleaners present in the market. You can use any of them, depending on your choice. Before cleaning the whole, test the product on some inconspicuous areas first. As doing so will save the seat from stains and spots. You need to stop the process immediately if you notice any fizzing upon application.

While selecting a cleaning solution, you should read the owner’s manual first and look out for the recommendations and precautions. Don’t buy any product containing harsh chemicals, as you might damage the shine of the leather.

4. Removing Grime

As for getting rid of debris, a vacuum acts excellently. However, when it comes to accumulated debris and grime, you need to look out for other available solutions. You can use a clean microfiber cloth to dampen in water. Rub it on the desired areas.

No matter if it is a sticky candy or melted gummies, you can remove them all. Do the process until all the spots are gone. Now, clean the surface using a deep cleaning process for treating leather car seats. 

5. Start Cleaning

Once you select the cleaner and test it, it’s time to apply the solution to the seats and treat them. Get a clean towel, and apply a little amount of collaboration on it. Run the towel through the seats and rub the mixture over them.

You need to apply pressure while doing the process. Now use a soft cleaning brush and vacuum the area. You will notice a break in tough stains and accumulated dirt on them. Make sure to apply a good amount of cleaner, so the seats get cleaned perfectly. Work in small parts and take your time to clean the stains. Don’t rush.

When you notice effective results, you can stop the process. Notice if your car has scratches, holes, or tears. You need to be super conscious while applying the solution. Don’t apply the solution directly to the seats; you first need to apply it on a clean towel and proceed. Also, don’t apply extra pressure to clean the surface, as you can damage the shine of the leather.

6. Wiping And Drying

After cleaning the seats, it’s time to remove the foamy texture on them. So, you need to get a clean damp towel. Wipe the solution from the seats. With the help of a clean damp towel, you will be able to catch the remaining dirt, grime, and debris from the car when you have removed the excess material and residue from detailed leather. You need quick booze and dry the seats.

So, take out your hair dryer and dry the car seats quickly. You can also use a dried towel if you don’t have one. Doing this step helps you remove moisture and dizziness from the car’s surface. Just dry them thoroughly and perfectly to secure them from future damage, mold, cracking, fading, and wrinkling.

7. Apply Conditioner

Like conditioner after shampoo, car seats also require conditioner application. You don’t need to apply leather conditioner when you clean the seats. However, you can apply it after three to four months.

As leather seats don’t require that much attention. Take out your conditioner. Apply some amount on a clean towel. Now, run the towel through the seats and apply the product. Let the product settle.

Clean Leather Car Seats

Leather conditioner saves your seats in many ways. Like it increases the health of seats, saves them from tears or cracks, and no more developing wrinkles and stains. Keep in mind to test the product at a hidden spot. If there appears to be no damage, you can apply the product to the whole area without any worries. Work in small sections, apply a little pressure, and use circular motions to fix the odds. You must wait about 50 minutes to one hour after applying the conditioner.

Tips And Tricks To Leather Treatment To Car Seats

If you want to make, your leather car seats stand out and shine like new. You need to follow all of the steps that I mentioned earlier. You can also follow these tips and tricks to help yourself while working.

The following tips will shorten your work:

  • You don’t need to rush while working with leather seats as you can end up damaging the whole.
  • Let your leather cleaner set for about 5-6 minutes before removing and scrubbing it. Use a soft brush or apply slight pressure. Work in circular motions, covering little areas.
  • You never need to apply leather conditioner every time you clean the seats. You can do it once after every three months.
  • Suppose you notice any harsh or permanent spots present on the seats. Although you can’t use a harsh brush, you can take the help of aerosol hairspray, rubbing alcohol, warm water, and so.
  • Baking soda or lemon can remove mold on leather car seats. One can also get the help of disinfecting wipes to remove dust, dirt, and hidden germs.
  • Lemon juice is a perfect alternative to any leather cleaner. As it helps you get rid of the harsh and dark spots. You can also use it as a bonus. Like after cleaning the seats. Apply lemon juice, let it settle, and wipe it away. At least use conditioner to save them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to use to clean leather car seats?

Take the help of a leather cleaner or take the help of any household item. Use water and mix it with liquid dishwashing soap. Now, put a damp cloth in the solution and wipe the surfaces. You can also use lemon or baking soda to remove dark spots.

How do you clean beige leather car seats?

In a bowl, mix water and dishwashing soap. You need to use 5 ratios of water and a single ratio of soap. Damp a cloth in it and wipe the surface. Don’t saturate the leather by using a more incredible amount of water.

How do you condition leather car seats?

 Take leather conditioner. Apply some drops on a clean towel. Run the towel through the seats and let the conditioner dry. You must wait about 1-2 hours before getting on the drive

How to make leather car seats look new?

Firstly, dust the dirt and debris off the car seat. Now, take a clean cloth and put some cleaner in it. Run the cloth through the seats. Wipe the residue. It’s time to put leather conditioner. Once you have applied the conditioner, wait for an hour, and you are set.

What is the best cleaner for leather seats?

There are many leather cleaners present in the market. Some of them are:
●     Chemical Guys Leather cleaner and conditioner kit.
●     Mothers VLR.
●     Turtle wax leather cleaner.
●     Meguiar’s gold leather cleaner and conditioner.


As long as you are willing to work. You can easily make your way and get dominant results in no time. Use safety measles-like wearing gloves and goggles while doing the process. Just to ensure that no harmful chemical leaves a reaction behind. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend extra on conditioner, I guess you can request your neighbor for some of it. One can also go to a professional detailer if none of the processes work. In case you have any more queries you can contact me. Don’t forget sharing is caring.