How to Clean Car Dashboard: Ultimate Guide

Do you know the car in which you slay defines a lot about your psyche? Starting from the model to the interior condition, it mirrors your gratitude, personality, and method of addressing your life. Besides, exterior cleaning so that everyone can see your car’s interior beauty is also important because it tells others that you are mature enough to take care of your assets, you will be actively helping them, and will never step away from making them reliable because you are used to performing your duties quite efficiently. That is how much your car’s interior and exterior interpret about you. So, why not? I will be helping you here to achieve all of these by telling you that how to clean a car dashboard.

What to use to clean inside of car dashboard?

To clean car dashboard knobs, you need to use some of the basic cleaning solution products. You can use simple oil soap and water. Mix it up and make a mixture to clean dashboard knobs. Also, you can go with Castile mild soap which is best for the interior dashboard.

If you have any rubber dashboard, plastic, or vinyl you can also make a solution of vinegar, detergent, oil-based car interior cleaner as well as moderate water.

However, you can also use a spray bottle of Car Guys and Chemical Guys to wear the center console. The best part about these cleaners is that you can use them on the entire dashboard without any worries about harsh chemicals. Moreover, the products are also best to lift heavier particles and stubborn stains even from car seats.

Why should I clean car dashboard?

Cleaning your car’s dashboard is important to have a perfect environment around yourself. You will also notice many health benefits once the harmful bugs, accumulated debris, and harsh bacteria are gone. Moreover, the dashboard is the first thing to notice whenever you slide into the car and you don’t want anyone to judge you just by messy air vents. So, cleaning the dashboard is a must thing to do.

How To Clean Inside of Car Dashboard?

To get the car’s dashboard cleaned you need to follow some of the basic steps along with simple products. So, let’s have a look over the requirement.

1. Buffing Interior: 

Add some cleaner that you are using into the bowl, mix it with water and make a smooth paste. Now, dip your microfiber soft cloth in it and let it soak. Next, gently dart that cloth on the surfaces and clean your car dashboard and other surfaces. Make sure that your paste isn’t in the form of running liquid. Now, use a water-whisked cloth and clean those parts. Do this until you can see the difference.

2. Eliminating Internal Cleaner:

Sometimes, you forget to do the first step and cannot notice the dust on your Dashboard. In that case, you need some internal cleaner that can do the job. Put some quantity of cleaner on fabric cloth and buff out the surface with that and notice accurately. This step will make the inside of the car a deep-cleaned background.

3. Using Inlet Brush:

A significant amount of dust enters the car that may accumulate at corners and spaces like hand breaks, silts, handles, vents, and other hollow spaces. The continuous flow of dust particles there starts to gather and get united. This type of grime is unable to treat with the help of a simple microfiber cloth or soft brush attachment. So, for this type of dirt, we use an inlet brush. Grab your brush and dart that on the spaces and handles. Keep in mind that you should not apply pressure while buffing with the brush because mostly, these parts are a bit delicate as compared to other parts.

4. Using dashboard polisher:

The last and most important step is adding shine to your car to make it gloom. Once you are done removing every type of dust from the car, it will be time to get your car into a new and brandy appearance. So, grab some polisher that you use. Put some drops of polisher on a clean cloth and run that cloth gently through the car dashboard, handles, and other surfaces that you might want to make glow. Keep in mind that there are different cleaners available in the market, so choose the best dashboard cleaner for your car efficiently and wisely.

Point To Be Noted:

Also, when exposed to the sun or some harmful rays, don’t forget that your car dashboard may decrease its shine and age of that. So, to prevent that, you need a solid solution to restore your interior. Below, I will be providing you with tips and tricks to sustain that shine and age.

What Is Needed To Rehabilitate Dashboard?

If you want to reinstall your dash health and add shine to that one more time, you need some common materials to be with you. Fortunately, to maintain dashboard health and make it stronger, you need locally available things. It doesn’t require some special kind of product. Below is a list of material that is required:

  • Baby oil.
  • Some paper towels.
  • Insulation.
  • Mirror cleaner.
  • Dashboard cleaner.
  • Erasing pad.
  • Rubbing grog.

Once you have grabbed these things, it will be time to move towards restoration and give a glamorous look to the dash.

It takes an effort for the plastic present in the car’s interior to get injured by a significant number of scratches daily that make the plastic looks worse. Swirls appearing inside the car can surely make the interior of your car disperse, bygone, and make it look thrash. At any moment, it is not a bad idea to get rid of scratches because possibly they are not intense enough and can easily be diminished or removed by applying some applications repeatedly. However, if you don’t pay attention to this, the scratches may get intense from time to time and may end the solution to replacing it with new plastic, which may prove costly.

why clean dashboard

Steps To Get Rid Of Swirls On The Plastic Present In Interior Of Car

  • All you need to clean plastic is some fluid liquid designed for cleaning plastic present inside your car and removing scratches from it.
  • Take a bowl mix fluid liquid with some warm water, and please notice that it should be in the form of paste. Take a fiber cloth, apply the paste to the defective area, and wipe it off, removing cleaner and dirt. If your plastic is in extremely bad condition and the cloth cannot wipe the dirt off, use some brush and dirt out all the mud and dust present on that.
  • Don’t apply pressure while cleaning plastic with a brush because it may give the gift of more scratches to the plastic. Now, wipe off the cleaner using a damp towel. Let the plastic dry. Increase warmth firearm and roll position to 50 percent.
  • Until the surface becomes graceful and workable, keep spotting the warmth. After reaching that point, make sure not to spot warmth on scratch anymore; otherwise, it will act oppositely to a lustrous appearance. Moreover, it can also end up eating your plastic if you spot warmth after a certain level. Now, use a grain cushion and press it on plastic with the help of your palm. This grain cushion will help. 

To shoot up plastic and make it look more prominent and glamorous. Softly sand the area with 2000- shaggy sandpaper if the area is made of soft plastic. To remove scratches, press the area with your fingers firmly.

Pro Tip

Color the area using a rear tint made for the plastic present in the interior of the plastic that has faded to a lighter screen. If possible, make sure to take your car with you to discover the best shading that suits you.

Restoring Dashboard

  • The most important and first step is to make a solution by choosing one of the materials and mixing that with cold water. 
  • Use some sweaty and sticky material to clean the Dashboard, and it will help you remove dust and bugs from the dash. 
  • If there is any ink spot available on the Dashboard, make a mixture of another material and rub grog. 
  • Use a microfiber towel and clean the affected area wisely. To get rid of any scratches or swirls on the dash, make a mixture of erasing pads with cold water and ensure that it shouldn’t be in the form of liquid.
  • After making the mixture, rub off the scrapes. Now, use a dashboard cleaner and run the cleaner on surfaces with the help of a clean cloth. 
  • Sprint that microfiber towel from one part of the car to the other incomplete pattern using a clean damp cloth. If you notice that the dirt isn’t completely wiped off and is still accumulated, don’t hang back to reapply the cleaner as the only solution to get rid of accumulated dirt is reusing the same tip.
  • Now, the car has reached the position where you have to clean different substitute parts of the dash. Take another towel, spray some mirror cleaner on it and clean the mirror, gas gauge, markers, and odometer.
  • Put some baby oil on a paper towel and rub it on the gas gauge, dash, mirrors, and markers to remove any remaining scratches. Then, at last, take some amount of insulation solution on a paper towel and rub it thoroughly on the dash.
  • Make sure to buy some UV-safe insulation that will protect your dash from harmful rays, scratches, swirls, and bugs, making it possible to give your dash a longer life. Also, it ends up giving a shine to your dash and making it look more vibrant.
  • Now, you are succeeded in restoring your dash and giving it a glamorous and killer look.

How To Get Rid Of The Scratches Available on Plastic Doors?

The best part about scratches is whether they make your car look duller by giving a rough surface to shiny plastic or make your plastic smear by giving an even medium to the material.


  • If scratches are sworn, then the aspect, you can clean the aspect with superior, but again you are just uplifting the shine level of the whole aspect, and it eventually becomes difficult to cloak it up.
  • On the other hand, if scratches are duller, you try to bring down the shine of the whole aspect by scratching it down with the help of some offensive material and letting it look duller. However, the matter that rises here is that it looks strange that the panel of one car is duller as compared to the other cars. 

Luckily, replacing these types of aspects normally is quite adequate. Moreover, it holds the setup of a couple of snap connections.

Final Closure:

In my last wording, I would like to recommend you take care of your car interior the same as you take care of the exterior because the interior and exterior combinedly make a car look good among others. Use efficient and cool products, choose wisely between a wide range of dashboard polishers, and do whatever it takes to position your car, resulting in increasing demand for your car. If you are still muddled about something, feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading my article. I may have helped you out with whatever you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to clean car dashboard plastic?

Firstly dirt off the dust using a clean cloth. For the steering wheel and other small crevices, you can use a dash brush. Now, start cleaning the dirt by scrubbing. You can also use a plastic cleaner. Apply the cleaner with the help of another cloth and remove it. 

How to clean a sticky car dashboard?

Firstly, dust down the dash and remove any stuff, particles, or food chunks present on it. Now, make a mixture of foam cleaner and water. Run the solution with the help of cloth through the dash. Wipe it down. Wait till it is dried. Now, you can spray vinyl upholstery cleaner.

What is the best product to clean car dashboard?

There are many best cleaners present in the market. However, you can go with Total Interior Cleaner Chemical, Guys, Quick Interior Detailer Meguair’s as an affordable one, Interior Cleaner Griot’s Garage, Ultimate Cleaner Carfidant, and Cleaning Wipes Armor. 

What are household products to clean car dashboard?

If we discuss home remedies you will find out many things as the best cleaners for your interior. However, you can use a mixture of oil soap, and water to clean it out. You can also use dish soap, white vinegar, Castile soap, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, and club soda. 

how to clean vinyl dashboard in car?

Pick up a soft microfiber cloth and dampen it with water. You don’t need to soak it fully in water. Just a little amount of water is enough. Now, run that towel through the vinyl dashboard with little pressure to get it all clean. Here you go.